In search of the first Latino president

Community in the US needs to define its objectives in the quest for influence, say experts


A British summer fete in Madrid — with a charitable goal

The British Benevolent Found is teaming up once more with St. George’s Church Expats and locals alike will be welcome at their annual event in the capital on Thursday


Supreme Court denies compensation to Spain’s “thalidomide babies”

People born with severe deformities due to drug say they will go all the way to Strasbourg

Latin America

Violence flares as Iguala student disappearance anniversary approaches

Protestors hold four Mexican police officers hostage during confrontation


Madrid City Hall to start banning cars to combat pollution

Amount of traffic on capital’s streets could soon be slashed in half on certain days

Latin America

The sister spicing up Mexican ‘MasterChef’

67-year-old nun’s traditional dishes have captivated viewers of TV cooking contest


The long hunt for the Kokorevs

Russians held in Panama alleged to have laundered millions for Equatorial Guinea leader The pair had unsuccessfully tried to take EL PAÍS to court to halt its investigations

Catalan elections 2015

Prime minister cuts walking tour short in Catalonia after heckling

Mariano Rajoy was met with cries of “Independence!” and “Fascist!” in city of Reus


Parents call for schoolbook praising Popular Party chiefs to be withdrawn

Association says English-language publication includes “paean” to ex-Madrid premier


Refugees caught up in Spain’s red tape

Asylum seekers are held back by all the paperwork required to process their applications