How much do Spaniards like Fernando Alonso?

The F1 driver is the country’s best-known sportsman, but not necessarily its most popular

Festival row

Matisyahu confirms he will perform at Spanish festival that banned him

Jewish singer’s gig had been canceled by Rototom under pressure from anti-Israel group


Rototom festival reverses decision to ban Jewish US singer Matisyahu

Event organizers apologize for canceling musician's concert and invite him to perform again


Rajoy issues warning to regions giving health cards to illegal migrants

Madrid regional premier defies PM by also announcing plans to circumvent 2012 reform

Latin America

Spanish fake flamenco star who conned dozens in Colombia arrested

García allegedly swindled people by passing himself off as a top singer and lawyer

Latin America

Fresh wave of violence in El Salvador leaves 125 dead in 72 hours

Rights activists fear that battles between police and gangs could lead to a new insurgency


Spain to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan before October 31

The around 420 military personnel stationed in Herat are set to return home this fall.

Inside Gibraltar’s secret tunnels

A firm is using an historic WWII bunker to safeguard online gambling and financial data