How a soccer academy for Latin American kids is flourishing in Madrid

Dozens of Colombians, Ecuadorians and Dominicans dream about reaching La Liga Donations help pay for scholarships at the Orcarsur neighborhood learning center

Latin America

From the trail of Pablo Escobar to the hunt for ‘El Chapo’

Colombian generals who busted Medellín cartel join search for fugitive drug lord


Wounded man in Barcelona street shooting was wanted by Interpol

One of the victims of the unknown gunman was carrying a fake Belgian passport


Dutch national, Briton were targets of Tuesday’s shooting in Barcelona

Regional police force have launched a manhunt for the perpetrator They believe the incident may have been a settling of scores


The average salary in Spain falls 0.2% in 2014, to €22,606

Broken down by activities, employees in the energy industry enjoyed the highest salaries


Citizens of Bogotá to get the last word on bullfighting

The Colombian capital has taken a step closer to a referendum on the activity But a court must first decide whether it will be legally binding