Latin America

Rising star from Chávez era among suspects in US drug probe

DEA investigators believe Aragua state governor was paid off by a narco kingpin

Latin America

Colombian leader replaces defense chief to speed up FARC peace talks

Controversial minister and current US ambassador to Washington will switch roles

Spain grants eight-year-old ‘Suitcase Boy’ temporary residency permit

Child from Ivory Coast may soon be reunited with his mother on island of Fuerteventura


Inequality between rich and poor has hit record highs, OECD warns

In Spain, 18% of the population lives below poverty line, twice as many as before the crisis

Barcelona rail services brought to a standstill after control center failure

Services returning to normal after IT fault affects 80,000 passengers

Lucía and Hugo: the most popular baby names in Spain

But classics such as José and María continue to top the charts for population as a whole


Ciudadanos, Podemos ready to reach deals with Socialists after elections

Fragmentation of vote will likely require negotiations between old and new parties

“In Saudi Arabia, you need a man”

Female engineers on a Spanish-led subway project in Riyadh reveal what life is like for them

The anti-social networks

Spanish authorities say Twitter is not doing enough to help locate users who harass others