10 breathtaking Spanish beaches

Spotless sands, secluded coves and nudist hideouts feature in our pick of glorious coastal hotspots

the end of juan carlos’ reign

Royal abdication law to be put to rare voice vote in Congress

Leftists force a roll call procedure over legislation that will enable the handover of the Spanish throne

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Presidential contenders clash over different paths to peace in Colombia

Juan Manuel Santos and Óscar Iván Zuluaga spar in televised debate ahead of June 15 runoff

latin america

Brazilian housing bubble begins to deflate

Rise in home prices in 16 cities slips for the sixth consecutive month


Diesel scammers defrauded €5.5m in taxes in just eight months

Gang that adulterated low-grade fuel and sold it to gas stations had cornered the market on price


Chinese reality show set in Spain becomes ratings smash

Series featuring celebrities travelling round Europe on the cheap has been watched by 350 million


Fracking firm’s advances raising fear in northern Spain

US company threatens to expropriate local people’s land to extract the region’s gas potential

Cartoonists resign from Spanish satirical magazine after king cover pulled

‘El Jueves’ hits newsstands a day late after publisher bans monarchy-mocking image at final hour

No gorilla suit nor mistaken identity: why the Canaries zoo story is not what it seems

Loro Parque in Tenerife denies press reports of comic scenes during emergency drill on Monday

the end of juan carlos’ reign

Coronation of Felipe VI to take place without presence of foreign royals

June 19 ceremony will not be attended by other heads of state. Royal palace blames lack of time