A little early for such optimism

The fourth consecutive fall in the unemployment figure does not imply an economic recovery


Del Potro finally fells Ferrer

Verdasco puts Murray to test in Wimbledon quarterfinals


Ibex 35 falters on doubts over banks and crisis in Portugal

Moody’s report sees banking sector lead downward surge in stock market


Portuguese president summons party leaders to resolve coalition crisis

Markets wobble and risk premium spikes due to ministerial resignations and government rift

Police officer jailed after taking revenge on tow trucks

Francesc C. levied unjustified fines after his own vehicle was impounded twice for illegal parking

The mystery of a skeleton inside a wetsuit; decomposed body found floating off coast

Police say dead man may have been a Moroccan migrant who tried to swim across to Spanish shore


Why Castilla-La Mancha has become the PP's experimental laboratory

Many of the cutbacks the Cabinet wants are tried and tested in this region first


Kings of the road apps

There are dozens of cellphone programs aimed at making drivers' lives easier They can warn about speed cameras or even tell you where you parked your car


Government resorts to real estate portfolio in ongoing bid to raise cash

The Spanish state is aiming to offload 27 percent of its current assets


Who spied on the Catalan PP chief? Attorneys press on despite out-of-court settlement

Sánchez-Camachi withdrew complaint after being bugged, but prosecutors consider case to be in “public interest”

Arrested Vatican broker has scores of pending fraud cases in Canary Islands

Giovanni Carenzio embezzled 20 million euros from archipelago's high society


The fidelity of Ferrer

Spaniard has stuck with same coach throughout his ever-improving career


Asylum for Snowden

The Snowden leaks show serious violations of the right to privacy in communications, which is protected in every democratic constitution


Spain gives Bolivian leader airspace clearance after diplomatic standoff

Rumors surfaced that Evo Morales may have been smuggling whistleblower Edward Snowden on board Presidential plane eventually makes stopover in the Canary Islands