CES 2024 Innovation Awards: a diagnostic lipstick and AI that prevents shootings

Awardees include a large virtual reality headset and technology that can turn regular tables into wireless chargers

CES 2024
Amorepacific's Lipcure Beam combines lip diagnosis, care and makeup capabilities in one unit.Amorepacific
Isabel Rubio

A service to communicate with avatars of deceased relatives, anti-snoring pillows, and an autonomous boat — these were some of the most innovative devices in past years, according to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which since 1967 has been hosting the largest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the world. The CES Innovation Awards honor products that stand out for their design and engineering. Below are some of the groundbreaking gadgets and services presented at this year’s show in Las Vegas.

Every table is a charger

Freepower’s technology enables seamless charging by simply placing your phone on any surface like a kitchen counter or dining room table. Most wireless chargers available today can be unreliable and awkward because they have a single charging coil in the center. If a device is not perfectly aligned with the coil, it will not charge. Freepower utilizes multiple coils to power entire surfaces. “This means you can charge multiple devices simultaneously and place them anywhere on the charging surface.”

Other devices that won awards in the smart home category include a plug-in smoke and noise detector, a smart mailbox, and a mattress equipped with 23 sensors. The latter’s sensors monitor the sleeping person’s position, body temperature and heart rate in real-time. The mattress company claims it can detect potential health issues before the user realizes them. Another award-winning device is a personal alarm that can be worn as a necklace or keychain. In case of danger, it enables you to activate a loud 110-decibel siren and quickly notify up to five designated contacts or emergency services.

Gun-detecting AI

According to the non-profit Gun Violence Archive, there were over 630 mass shootings (four or more victims) in the United States in 2023. A Bosch system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect weapons and prevent school shootings received a CES 2024 Innovation Award in the AI category.

“When someone brandishing a gun approaches the school, the system is designed to promptly alert personnel who can verify the gun and take proactive measures,” say the developers of Bosch’s Gun Detection System. The system is also designed to detect and categorize gunshots while locating its source. AI-powered tools that convert text into 3D videos and to draw and create comics were also honored in this category.

Therapeutic VR headset

Virtual reality (VR) has long been used for pain management and therapeutic applications. Recognizing the challenges faced by children and the elderly in using VR glasses and headsets, Socialdream’s solution is a large and visually striking headset with an ample screen for people with conditions like autism and Alzheimer’s to view therapeutic videos. “Unlike current headsets, our technology projects 360-degree images in a bubble positioned at a comfortable distance from the eyes, preventing eye fatigue,” said Socialdream’s Damien Charitat.

Dreamsens, a mixed reality headset, stimulates memories in Alzheimer's patients with immersive videos.
Dreamsens, a mixed reality headset, stimulates memories in Alzheimer's patients with immersive videos.SocialDream

The CTA also honored Lipcure Beam, “the world’s first beauty tech that simultaneously offers personalized lip makeup and care. This provides immediate diagnosis and treatment within one product.” Other CES 2024 Innovation awards recognized AI technology that monitors the health status of babies and the elderly; a non-invasive AI diagnostic solution that replaces risky and costly myocardial tissue tests; a wireless pacemaker; an at-home laser to reduce wrinkles and renew skin appearance; and a body composition monitoring device for cats.

Autonomous landing system

An aircraft landing system that doesn’t require pilot assistance won an award in the vehicle technology and advanced mobility category. Garmin Autoland takes complete control of the flight to land the airplane in an emergency where the pilot is unable to fly. The system can be activated automatically or by passengers pressing a button. It determines the best airport for landing, considering factors like weather, fuel, runway conditions, terrain, and obstacles. This technology is currently available for the Beechcraft King Air 200 aircraft and will soon be available for the King Air 300. These turboprop models are commonly used as private jets or ambulance planes due to their ability to land in small and remote airfields.

Other vehicle technologies were also honored, such as a recreational boating solution which uses AI to autonomously pilot the vessel and optimize route planning; a tire sensor to prevent accidents by offering real-time analysis of tire and road conditions; and a driver-safety system that wirelessly captures vitals including heart rate, breathing and heart rate variability.

Electronic tint-adjustable prescription glasses

Dusk Rx are the world’s first prescription-ready glasses with electronic tint adjustment; tint can be manually adjusted both on the frame and on the app. Users can also activate an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the tint, similar to Ray-Ban Stories from Meta, which also allow you to take photos and play music. Other awards in the wearables category were given to a ring that monitors a woman’s health; a bionic hand prosthesis that can predict intended movements; and a smart safety helmet for industrial workers.

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