Refresh your look without buying anything: This is the 75 Hard Style Challenge

A new social media challenge encourages users to make the most out of their own wardrobe, while taking a break from shopping

75 Hard Style Challenge
Participants of the 75 Hard Style Challenge share their outfits on Instagram.

There is a challenge that puts body and mind to the test. The 75 Hard Challenge is a system developed by entrepreneur Andy Frisella to work on personal improvement, consisting of a series of rules to follow for 75 days, including a healthy diet, no alcohol, plenty of exercise, photographing the process and writing about it. This inspired fashion analyst and writer Mandy Lee to create her own version: the 75 Hard Style Challenge, a much more creative interpretation of the original that also sets a horizon of 75 days to achieve the desired goal.

The writer uses her social media accounts to create content that addresses sustainability, intending to promote critical thinking in the world of fashion. She launched the challenge on January 2 as a New Year’s resolution, with the aim of helping people rediscover their own wardrobe and rekindle their love for the things they already have.

With more than two million views on TikTok and more than 4,000 posts with the hashtag #75HardStyleChallenge on Instagram, the idea has reached far beyond her followers. The dynamic is not intended as a red carpet; rather, it is a self-knowledge tool for anyone who wants to participate.

The rules are simple: put together an outfit for 75 days (even if you are not leaving the house), register all the looks, do not buy anything new or second-hand, organize and clean your closet, try to be creative and set a goal. There are some tips for those who need a bit of inspiration: for example, create a look around one of your oldest garments, pick a fictional character and dress like them, or ask someone else to think up a combination for your clothes.


#75hardstylechallenge day 1!! Dressed down a piece i usually save for special occasions. I love this dress and want to wear it more casually. #personalstyle #getdressedwithme

♬ original sound - Mandy Lee

Like anyone who works in fashion, Lee has often bought things she did not really need, almost in passing, which ended up taking up space in her closet. Although she did not make the challenge public until 2024, she explained on Instagram that she actually uses this method every time she wants to renew the way she sees her wardrobe.

The main rule is not to buy anything at all during the 75 days that the challenge lasts. At first it may seem difficult, as the constantly changing trends make it seem like one needs new clothes every week. Limiting yourself to using what you already have helps you become aware of which are the pieces you always wear, or which styles you like the most.

Working with what you already own makes it easier to analyze everything that you create throughout the challenge. At the end, there should be one photo for each day in a separate album. Repetition of looks is allowed and encouraged. The important thing is to create styles that you yourself feel comfortable in, without taking trends into account. Choosing what to wear on those days when you would rather stay in your pajamas will be more difficult, but Lee recommends giving it a try. Being constantly creative might not be easy, but the effort pays off.

If you definitely want to experiment with something new, there is a solution: borrow something. This way, you can try out an alternative look without breaking the most important rule. This is a way to try new things without making the expense, because as much as you like something, that does not mean that you have to purchase it immediately.


I’m so bad at remembering to do this challenge #75hardstylechallenge

♬ original sound - Olivia Joan

The results of the challenge will vary greatly for everyone. What is certain is that after two and a half months, all the participants will have a better understanding of their personal style; they will be aware of what they wear the most, what they wear the least and what their go-to garments are when they need to feel comfortable or project more confidence. In addition, they will have saved money. This is one of Lee’s main goals in social media: to encourage critical thinking instead of excessive consumption, so that people can see fashion from another point of view.

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