Video: Why you shouldn’t drum and drive on Spain’s roads

Footage taken by Civil Guard helicopters reveals range of dangerous behaviors behind the wheel

Drivers filmed by Civil Guard helicopters.Photo: atlas | Video: ATLAS

Taking a phone call or sneaking a snack are among the most common ways drivers get distracted behind the wheel. But the helicopters that are part of the Civil Guard’s Pegasus aerial traffic surveillance system have detected far more serious – and unexpected – safety breaches on Spain’s roads.

For example, there is the case of a driver playing the drums in February along a stretch of the A-6 highway in the northwestern province of Lugo. He had found two make-shift drum sticks and was using his dashboard as a kit. He quickly ended the performance when he realized he was was being filmed.

The message is clear: keep both hands on the wheel and pay attention to the road

Other transgressions include drivers sorting out their paperwork or using earphones to listen to music, while steering with one hand.

Spain’s General Directorate of Traffic shared footage of the incidents above on social networks recently to remind drivers they face fines for such behavior: in case anybody needed reminding, the organization points out that both hands must be on the wheel at all times, except when changing gear. Drivers who steer with one hand, even if the other is not playing the drums, face an €80 fine. In cases of clear negligence or dangerous driving, tougher sanctions can be imposed.

The message is clear: the best way to avoid accidents is to keep both hands on the wheel and pay attention to the road.

English version by Nick Lyne.


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