Elpais.cat launches English-language project

Students from the Pompeu Fabra University will be adapting content about Catalonia into English for an international audience

A visitor contemplates a front page at the EL PAÍS 40th Anniversary Exhibition.
A visitor contemplates a front page at the EL PAÍS 40th Anniversary Exhibition.ULY MARTIN

From this week onward, the Catalan edition of Elpais.cat will include a selection of news stories in English. The texts will be prepared by journalism students at the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), who will be adapting content from Catalan current affairs every week, adding context and information to these stories so that they can be understood in a global context.

The UPF and EL PAÍS will be working together on this obligatory course, during which students will learn to improve their journalistic writing in English. Apart from an average of five adaptations per week, students will also be able to publish feature articles based on their own sources.

The project, which will run until March 2017, is part of the EL PAÍS English Edition, which will be in charge of the editing of the students’ work together with staff from the newsroom in Catalonia. The EL PAÍS English Edition began as a print edition in 2001, available as a supplement in what was then the International Herald Tribune, later The Global New York Times. Since 2014, it has been a 100% digital project, reaching hundreds of thousands of readers every month in countries such as Spain, United States, United Kingdom and more. Its content is produced by a team of journalists and translators, who work to create English versions of EL PAÍS articles about Spain and Latin America, with added context and explanation for a non-Spanish-speaking reader.


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