Video: Catalan police take down man wielding large knife in Barcelona

Individual had been kicked out of a bar moments earlier due to rowdy behavior

A man wielding a large knife is arrested by police in Barcelona on Sunday.

Catalan police officers made a spectacular arrest on Sunday in downtown Barcelona, where a man was wielding a large knife in the middle of the street.

The individual had just been kicked out of a bar on Ginebra street, in the neighborhood of Barceloneta, after exhibiting rowdy behavior.

Establishment workers called in the Mossos d’Esquadra – the regional police force – which sent several patrol cars to the area.

Two police unions said the Mossos need to be equipped with Taser-like electroshock guns

When the police attempted to approach the man, he produced a large knife and began waving it at officers. After a few moments, the authorities were able to knock him to the ground and place him under arrest without sustaining any injuries from the man’s weapon.

Two police unions said that the Mossos need to be equipped with Taser-like electroshock weapons in order to deal with situations of this kind.

Last week, a man snatched a gun from an officer’s holster while resisting arrest and shot a policewoman, who was saved from serious injury by her bulletproof vest.

English version by Susana Urra.

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