Woman killed by Barajas airport carjackers who stole her Porsche

Victim tried to cling on to the vehicle after thieves had beaten her, witnesses report

A 40-year-old woman was killed early Thursday in a carjacking that took place in the service area at Barajas International Airport’s Terminal 4. According to airport authorities and the chief of police, the woman was run over by two assailants who took the Porsche Cayenne she was driving.

The victim was identified as Raquel Miguélez Cartón, an Iberia supervisor who worked on the runways at the Madrid airport. The incident occurred in an area where the taxis wait before they can pull up to the terminal to pick up passengers, authorities said.

Police were reviewing surveillance cameras to try to find clues and identify the carjackers, and were also interviewing witnesses, many of them taxi drivers, who were at the scene. One camera reportedly recorded the entire incident.

One of the witnesses said he saw Cartón filling out insurance forms with one of the assailants after a Seat Toledo vehicle rammed her from behind as she was pulling to the employees parking area.

No accident

The carjackers, who were driving the Seat, were unmasked but had their faces partially covered with baseball caps, according to police sources. The victim, who was alone, arrived at the terminal parking at around 7am to take the employees’ bus.

Believing she was involved in an accident, Cartón got out of her car with her keys in her hand to see what had happened. When the assailants tried to take her keys and she resisted they began to beat her. While she tried to cling to the window of the car, they ran her over.

According to images captured on the surveillance cameras, the carjackers headed toward to town of Barajas.

Sergio García, a taxi driver who was nearby, told Efe news agency that he saw the woman and a man wearing a baseball cap exchanging insurance information. After entering the taxi parking area, he said he heard a woman cry out for help and he and other drivers ran toward the scene. They found the woman lying on the road and saw the two vehicles speeding off in the distance.

García said he picked up the insurance papers and turned them over to the police.

A Samur emergency medical team tried to revive the woman who suffered severe blows to her nose, the back of her head and had several broken ribs.

Iberia employees were said to be in a state of shock as well as her husband, father and brother. Sources tell Efe that Cartón worked for the carrier for 20 years and as a supervisor for the past 15 years.

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