Disgraced former head of SGAE files 800,000-euro lawsuit over dismissal

Teddy Bautista resigned from post in July after 400-million-euro corruption ring uncovered

Eduardo Bautista, the former president of the SGAE Society of Authors and Publishers who was arrested on July 1 as part of an investigation into misappropriation of funds, has launched an unfair dismissal suit against the entity.

Bautista, who resigned from his post on July 12, is seeking 800,000 euros in compensation. The former singer stepped down after the police investigation revealed a massive siphoning off of some 400 million euros from SGAE, which collects royalties on behalf of musicians, to non-existent private companies.

"We were informed about a month ago of his intention," said Sabino Méndez, the current head of the SGAE board. "We would ask him to reflect. We do not find it reasonable that he should do this, after all that has happened."

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Court report on SGAE slams "megalomaniac" boss Bautista

Bautista, who for days after his decision to step down continued to use his office, said he had left to prevent further damage to the society. The judge presiding the case said Bautista "permitted and drove" the alleged corruption ring, for which he faces 10 years in prison if found guilty.

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