Spanish breastfeeding doll fuels rage in Britain and US

"Greedy" baby has been successful in home country, but is meeting a media storm abroad

"Put the top on. After breastfeeding, make the baby burp. Put it to bed with its pacifier." These are some of the instructions that come with the "greedy baby," a doll that has sold 30,000 copies in Spain since 2009 without raising eyebrows but which has caused a storm of controversy after being exported to Britain and the United States.

"The doll promotes the sexualization of young girls," the ABC news network said. Harsher terminology was forthcoming on FOX's The O'Reilly Factor: "It incites pedophilia." Public opinion in Spain is markedly different. "Here parents are delighted, especially those who have a second child: mother and daughter can feed their babies together," said a toy market analyst.

A girl with her breastfeeding baby.
A girl with her breastfeeding baby.BERJUÁN
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