Spain detects 10 new cases of coronavirus in 36 hours

A new positive is reported in Seville, adding to the patients in Madrid, Catalonia, the Valencia region and Tenerife


Protestors target police in a fifth night of violence and chaos in Barcelona

On the margins of a peaceful march in the Catalan capital, there were more violent scenes on Friday, as youngsters surrounded the National Police HQ and threw rocks and steel balls


The underage migrants who changed Spain’s repatriation policy

A surge in complaints has led to more guarantees for the minors, but there is renewed political support for sending them back


How the streets of Barcelona have become a refuge for unaccompanied migrants

Rising numbers of minors and young adults who are homeless and in some cases are committing crimes have left the local authorities overwhelmed


Catalonia fights socioeconomic segregation at school

Authorities warn about the existence of “ghetto schools” where more than half of all students are foreign-born


Video: How robots are revolutionizing kidney transplants in Spain

Watch Spanish surgeons and an electronic assistant named Da Vinci successfully extract an organ from a live donor at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona


80% of men and 55% of women in Spain will be overweight by 2030: study

In 11 years there will be more than 27 million people in the country with excess weight or obesity, which will mean an additional cost to the health system of €3 billion


Surgery in style: the young patients who go in for operations in Audi convertibles

A pediatric unit in a Catalan hospital uses a radio-controlled toy vehicle to reduce stress in children


Barcelona on high alert ahead of Spanish Cabinet meeting

Schools and businesses are taking measures to ensure they are not affected by the protests and strikes against the event


Protests against budget cuts intensify in Catalonia

Health professionals, university professors, students and civil servants protested in Barcelona Thursday


Doctors, students and firemen protest against budget cuts in Catalonia

Pressure is mounting on regional Catalan premier Quim Torra as strikes enter their third day


Heat wave in Spain claims eight lives

Temperatures reached over 46ºC in some areas; meteorology service announces onset of cooler weather


Around 3,000 children in Barcelona are not vaccinated, survey finds

Anti-vaxxer movement in the Catalan capital has a following of several hundred families, but population is protected due to the high prevalence of immunization


No wrongdoing in ex-Barça player’s liver transplant, says governing body

Spain’s National Transplant Organization concludes 2012 procedure on former soccer player Éric Abidal, from a living donor, was carried out “in accordance with the law”


Could Barcelona soccer club have illegally purchased a liver for a player?

A probe has been opened after wiretaps of former Barça president Sandro Rosell suggest donor for Éric Abidal was not his cousin, as had been claimed, and that the organ was paid for

Bilingual education

What level of Spanish do Catalan children have?

Academic tests show that Catalan students have the same or better language skills as students across Spain


Healthcare funding slashed in Catalonia during independence push

Regional system shed 2,400 jobs and lost 1,100 hospital beds under former premier Artur Mas

Catalan bid for independence

Parents’ groups call for “pajama parties” to keep schools open for Catalan vote

Associations hope activities will ensure voting centers are not shut down for the independence referendum


Thousands of students march in Barcelona to defend Sunday referendum

Catalan police will not block access to voting stations if there is risk of street unrest

Public health

‘Chemsex’ declared a public health problem by Barcelona authorities

With 200 such substance-abuse cases registered in 2016, City Council opts to tackle phenomenon


Home alone: The growing problem of latchkey children in Spain

Non-profit group warns that over half-a-million minors spend their afternoons and evenings on their own


Thousands march in Barcelona in support of refugees

Under the slogan, “Enough excuses” some 160,000 people urge authorities to fulfill EU quotas


Catalonia to call on Spanish Congress to decriminalize euthanasia

Regional parliament approves motion to debate proposal to change Spanish penal code


Enterovirus outbreak sends 29 kids to hospital with encephalitis

A total of 60 minors in Catalonia have been infected, and two remain in serious condition


“Human fecal contamination” at origin of bottled water health scare

Catalan authorities say gastroenteritis virus must have tainted water at bottling plant in nearby Andorra


3,166 people in Catalonia left with gastroenteritis from bottled water

Health officials say a norovirus was found in patients who got sick from a product made in nearby Andorra


First Spanish Zika virus case involving pregnant woman diagnosed

The infected patient, who lives in Catalonia, contracted disease on visit to Colombia