‘Quarantennials’ – the babies born during Spain’s coronavirus lockdown

EL PAÍS talks to the parents of newborns welcomed into a strange world of face masks and social distancing


At least 50 migrants drown trying to reach Spain’s Canary Islands

Just this week, there have been three shipwrecks on the same Atlantic route, which is considered the most dangerous way into Spain


Medical experts call for independent review of Spain’s coronavirus response

In a letter published in 'The Lancet,' 20 Spanish professionals stress the need to identify why the country is faring worse than its neighbors in order to better prepare for future pandemics


Spain overtakes UK’s Covid-19 case count

According to Johns Hopkins University, it is now the Western European country with the highest number of infections


What’s next for Spain’s emeritus king Juan Carlos?

The former monarch will retain his title, keep a permanent guard and be protected from prosecution in the lower courts