Spain reopens border with Portugal after three-month closure due to coronavirus

The move comes after the EU began to reopen its borders to 14 countries that have been approved by member states


Covid-19 and the wounded uterus

There would be no death, bleeding or suffering if abortion were recognized for what it is: a medical necessity


Coronavirus cases jump under Spain’s ‘new normality’

The number of infections detected in the past week has risen to 1,978, compared to the 1,450 reported before the state of alarm was lifted


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, July 1, 2020


Spain may have access to Covid-19 vaccine by early next year, says science minister

Pedro Duque notes that the country is part of the EU team negotiating with drug companies, and that there are five Spanish prototypes underway


Spanish immunity expert on coronavirus: ‘Those who have tested positive for antibodies are protected’

Manel Juan, the head of the immunology department at Barcelona’s Clínic Hospital, talks to EL PAÍS about whether reinfection is possible and how long a person may be protected from the virus