Drug trafficking

How the drug gangs in Spain’s La Línea are providing work for 3,000 people

Increasingly violent traffickers are taking control of the city’s neighborhoods and ruling with impunity, to the rising concern of locals and authorities alike


How sick tourists in Barcelona are being scammed on their hospital stays

A third-party company is doubling and even tripling the hospital bills of foreigners in the Catalan capital


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, February 20, 2018


Pro-Catalan independence politician flees to Switzerland to avoid court date

In an interview with Swiss newspaper, CUP spokesperson Anna Gabriel claims she will not receive a fair trial in Spain over role in pro-secession drive in Catalonia



Ros cartoon, February 20, 2018

Theft in Brazil

Security camera captures Brazilian thief run over by own getaway car

Police investigating footage, which was recorded during robbery attempt in small state of Mato Grosso

Housing crisis

Barcelona renters stuck in limbo: “We don’t have €4,000 to move house”

Skyrocketing prices, agency fees, deposits and three-year-contracts are leaving would-be tenants in Barcelona with no options