The traps in the letter to Rajoy and the king

Signatories to the message conceal the reality of the crisis with half-truths and exaggerations


Roberto Saviano: “Criminals model themselves after my characters”

Success has condemned the Italian writer to a life of confinement and legions of “haters.” But the man who exposed the Neapolitan Camorra in his book ‘Gomorrah’ continues to take revenge with his pen

Catalan independence referendum

The parallel reality of the pro-independence movement in Catalonia

Supporters of secession launch campaign in run-up to referendum as though nothing else matters


For Kathryn Bigelow, when it comes to cinema, “entertaining is not enough”

The first female Best Director Oscar winner depicts the race riots in Detroit in her new movie

European commission

Juncker: “The Commission complies with what Spain’s Constitutional Court and Congress say”

The head of the EU’s executive branch clarifies position on the outcome of a legal Catalan referendum

Referendum in Catalonia

Catalan government opts for disobedience with referendum rally

Regional administration launches referendum campaign despite Constitutional Court suspension

Spain-EU relations

Juncker: “Europe is not ruled by the law of the strong”

Spanish European deputies urge Commission to take action on Catalonia, but are themselves ideologically divided


Colombia’s musicians step in to take Puerto Rico’s reggaeton crown

Led by artists such as J Balvin, the country is breathing new life into the blend of hip hop and Caribbean music