Coca-Cola pulls ad featuring Basque actor “with ETA sympathies”

Decision comes after complaint sent to drinks manufacturer by a terrorist victims’ association


US fears coffee rust disease may destabilize Central America

More than 500,000 jobs could be lost in coming years if plague is not contained, says USAID

Madrid bullfight suspended after all three matadors gored

Las Ventas bullring forced to cancel ‘corrida’ because of multiple injuries for first time in 35 years


Opera star Monserrat Caballé pays taxman to avoid fraud case going to trial

Spanish soprano is under investigation for allegedly evading €500,000 in income tax Adviser who recommended Andorra financial setup died three years ago, she tells judge

Spanish consul in London resigns after hosting investigated ex-Caja Madrid boss

Miguel Blesa, a suspect in the preferred shares scandal, was a guest at diplomat’s official residence

Spanish government asks state attorney to crack down on Twitter hate speech

Prosecutor warns of difficulty of tackling all online insults in generalized way “Incitement to hatred” provision cannot be applied to all cases, she says


My life as a priest’s wife

Spaniard Emilia Robles is one of the few women who have been allowed to marry a Catholic minister Pressure on the Church to reconsider the rule of celibacy is growing

Spain freed two French spies to ensure ongoing support in fight against ETA

The men had been detained in Catalonia in 2002 in possession of a custom-made sniper rifle Their mission was never clarified, but it was thought they were planning an assassination