Who’s lying? You be the judge

Someone is not telling the truth about the death of Cuban dissident Oswaldo Payá


Popular Party’s Feijóo defiant over calls for his resignation

Galicia regional premier plays down past relationship with convicted drug lord


More inequality; a chronic problem

The increase in poverty resulting from the prolonged crisis may condition Spain’s future

“A state that doesn’t know where 30,000 of its citizens are is unworthy of the name”

Poet Javier Sicilia founded a victims' movement after his son was murdered


Travels in hyperreality

Thyssen looks at our endless fascination with photorealism


A spark of hope

Israel must cease to wallow in its myths and lies, and begins to face reality

Compostela’s City of Culture to be left unfinished

Galician government calls a definitive halt to work on multi-million-euro prestige project


Double trade record with Morocco

Exports to North African nation skyrocket along with traffic of smuggled goods Spain overtakes France as Rabat's number-one commercial partner


Catholic priest expelled over sex abuse claims

Spanish Church takes unprecedented step after women accuse Mallorca curate Case is one of the country's first to come to light

This week’s movie releases

Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter in a new adaptation of Dickens's Great Expectations Channing Tatum returns alongside Bruce Willis in toy franchise sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Berated Bardems decide bar layoffs will be done differently

Acting family feels the heat after trying to use PP labor law

A Lorca spring in the Big Apple

The city is celebrating his stay and his influence with around 20 activities and two exhibitions

The end of the world starts in Spain

Could ‘The Last Days’ herald a new era of sci-fi movies in the Spanish industry?

Austerity Spain

Barcelona public hospital charging for private rooms

Catalan regional government says its hands are tied over clinic’s money-spinning move