Markets rejoice as US pulls away from “fiscal cliff”

Spain and the rest of the European bourses enjoy big gains on key vote

Road deaths decline to levels of 1960s

Road trips fall due to economic crisis


Spain’s Amancio Ortega makes biggest strides among billionaires

Fashion retail magnate saw his wealth jump by 16.7 billion euros last year


Socialists decry “intolerable” wages of PP’s De Cospedal

Opposition claims Castilla-La Mancha premier earned 20 times the minimum salary


From one abyss to another

The agreement in the US Senate postpones the debate on budget adjustments and debt

The gastronomical year in review

What was hot in 2012, and what to expect to see on your plate over the next 12 months


Consumers to see loss in spending power in 2013

Tax hikes, removal of benefits and wage caps will all erode purchasing ability


Slowing down the cities

Spain is about to join the Europe-wide trend of imposing a 30 km/h speed limit in built-up areas The evidence shows that it reduces accidents and road deaths

Charity begins at home

Grassroots response to growing numbers of evictions has led to ordinary people stepping in to provide four walls and a roof for hard-up compatriots


Big news in 2012

There are some stories that have received relatively little coverage, yet seem to me to be among the most important of last year


Thieves take advantage of festivities to steal one ton haul of hashish

The gang entered just as bells rang out to herald the start of 2013


Main parties close to deal on reducing public administration

Popular Party, Socialists looking to cap mayoral salaries