Threads: Everything you need to know about the new app aiming to replace Twitter

Meta is seeking to win over users from the platform who are unhappy with the policies that have been implemented since it was bought by Elon Musk

The Threads app interface.Photo: ETIENNE LAURENT (EFE) | Video: Reuters

Meta’s new social network Threads is seeking to replace Twitter, which has come under fire for the changes implemented since Elon Musk acquired the platform. The new app links directly to Instagram and allows you to post threads, reply to other people, and follow content from multiple accounts. Links, photos and videos can be included to make the publications more interactive.

A few hours after its launch, Mark Zuckerberg stated that 30 million people had joined Threads, and the company hopes to reach one billion users in the coming days. The Twitter team has responded by recalling that several apps have tried to imitate Twitter’s formula, but have been unsuccessful. Mastodon, for example, is another alternative network, which gained momentum following the scandals caused by Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

Musk has not officially commented on Threads, but he has been liking Twitter posts that make fun of the similarities between the two platforms.

Threads is available on iOS and Android, although you must have an Instagram account to be able to install the application and create a profile.

How to download the app?

Enter the App Store or Google Play Store. Once inside, write “Instagram Threads” in the search engine, the application is identified with its black and white icon. Then click on “Download.” Once it has been installed, the app can be accessed. You will likely receive a notification in your Instagram profile, which will facilitate the downloading process.

How to activate your profile?

To start using Threads, you need to enter the details of your Instagram account. The app will ask you to fill in personal information, but it also allows you to import the data directly from Instagram.

You must choose whether you want your profile to be public or private. Once this step is completed, you can select new contacts to follow.

How to use Threads?

Threads has a similar interface to Twitter. From the home section, you can interact with other users’ posts, and by using the search icon, you can locate other Threads users.

If you want to make a thread, click on the notebook icon. As with Instagram, the heart icon shows recent account activity.

The main differences between Twitter and Threads

  • Threads does not have a limit on how many posts a user can see per day, while on Twitter, the limit starts from 500 for new, unverified accounts.
  • The character limit for posts on Threads is 500, while on Twitter, it is 280.
  • Unlike Twitter, Threads doesn't allow posts to be saved as drafts, they must be shared immediately or discarded.
  • Threads is governed by Instagram’s community guidelines, with the same penalties for spam and hate speech.

So far, Threads has no advertising, but this is likely to change, given that Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg said that adjustments and improvements are still being made to the interface. Moving forward, these changes could be the main differentiator between the two social networks.

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