The five car brands with the most eco-friendly drivers

A study by Auto Trader reveals which motorists respect the environment the most, depending on the vehicle they drive

Depending on the brand of their car, drivers tend to be more or less ecologically responsible.
Depending on the brand of their car, drivers tend to be more or less ecologically responsible.

Sustainability is more than buying and driving an electric car. In the end, every small gesture counts in the race to reduce your carbon footprint and energy waste. A study published by the British site Auto Trader revealed that the most common ecological measure of its respondents is taking their own bag to the supermarket so they don’t have to buy a plastic one; 88% claimed to adhere to this habit, followed by not using the dryer and recycling at home.

The truth is that some people are more environmentally conscious than others, and even if the type of car one drives might provide an eco-friendly image, all that glitters is not gold. With this in mind, the second-hand car trading company researched what type of driver is most respectful of the environment, according to the vehicle they drive. The results show that, indeed, the users of certain brands share more than just their taste in cars.

The greenest drivers

At the top of the list we find those who prefer the brands that care more about the environment. Among the top five, there are some surprises.

Lexus Drivers

This group is considered, according to the Auto Trader study, the most environmentally responsible. The most notable piece of information is that 63% of Lexus drivers usually share their cars to travel.

Tesla drivers

It is the electric car brand par excellence. All Tesla owners have their own reusable water bottle and opt for eco-friendly programs in their washing machine. In addition, they tend to buy second-hand items to reuse and reduce consumption.

Porsche drivers

They don’t use the dryer and, surprisingly, they tend to drive slower in order to save fuel and reduce emissions, according to this study.

Audi drivers

Those who prefer the brand with the four rings like to know the origin of the products they purchase, opting for more sustainable and responsible brands.

Land Rover drivers

Their most characteristic feature is recycling at home, but they also care about reducing the consumption of their appliances.

Those who care the least

On the opposite end of this ranking are the drivers with the least sustainable habits. Auto Trader has identified the five types of drivers who care the least about the environment, depending on the brands they use.

Suzuki drivers

74% of Suzuki drivers say they are not actively interested in recycling.

Seat drivers

They are not used to carrying their own reusable bottles, using single-use containers on a regular basis, instead.

Toyota drivers

They love aluminum foil and single-use plastic film, rejecting reusable packaging. This places them among the least sustainable drivers.

Opel drivers

They share the same unsustainable habit as the Seat drivers: they never use reusable bottles or cups.

Peugeot drivers

One in three users of this French brand does not care about the origin of their food.

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