Day five of Sanfermines 2019 starts with protest by runners

Ahead of the longest run of the fiestas so far in Pamplona this week, a number of people staged a sit-in to object to what they call the “denaturing” of the world-famous Running of the Bulls

Day five of the Running of the Bulls.

Wednesday saw the longest Running of the Bulls so far during the 2019 edition of the Sanfermines fiestas, the fifth day this year that the animals have hurtled down the streets of the northern Spanish city of Pamplona, accompanied by hundreds of runners. The main reason for the two minute, 49 second time was a fighting bull that stopped in the bullring at the end of the route, until he was successfully herded into the pen.

One of the runners was injured in the right arm after being caught by a bull’s horn, while there were five other light injuries.

The big news of the morning, however, was a sit-in protest by a number of the more experienced runners, in protest at what they describe as the “denaturing” of the bull runs, which, they say, is due to the tame bullocks that guide the fighting bulls running too fast.

The bulls that ran today are from the Victoriano del Río stockbreeder, and have a reputation for being fast. Three years ago they finished the run in the very quick time of two minutes and 13 seconds. Today was the 10th time that the stockbreeder’s animals had run the streets of Pamplona. This afternoon the same animals will appear in the bullring and will face the bullfighters Antonio Ferrera, ‘El Juli’ and Pablo Aguado.

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