Fast and clean run on day three of Spain’s Running of the Bulls

Watch the video of Tuesday’s event, which was over in just 2 minutes 13 seconds, and left two people injured

Day three of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona.Video: DAVID DOMENCH

Bulls from the José Escolar ranch were the stars of Day Three of the world-famous Sanfermines bull runs in Pamplona, Spain. The run was over in just 2 minutes 13 seconds, and there were few noteworthy incidents, save for the fall of a steer at the end of Estafeta street. The animal’s fall brought down some of the participants, who were left trapped between the animal on the ground and other bulls.

Doctor Tomás Belunzegui reported from Navarre area hospital that two people had been admitted for minor injuries: one man for a broken right ankle, which would need surgery, and another man with head trauma and a dislocated shoulder.

It is the fourth time that bulls from the José Escolar ranch have taken part in the Sanfermines. In three previous occasions, one of the bulls returned to the holding pen. Last year, no one was hurt by the José Escolar bulls.

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