Video: Anonymous hero confronts three thieves to stop robbery in Málaga

Security footage shows the man stepped in to intervene despite being unarmed and outnumbered

Footage of the incident. (Spanish audio)Photo: atlas

Security camera footage has captured the heroic act of a man who risked his personal safety to stop a robbery in an industrial area of Mollina, in the southern Spanish province of Málaga. In the video, a group of three thieves is seen breaking the window of a construction store in broad daylight and shoving items into the trunk of their car.

A car slows down to watch what is happening and then quickly pulls in front of the thieves’ car to stop them from getting away. The driver gets out unarmed, and is threatened by the three hooded men, with one waving a mallet in his face. He pursues the thieves despite the danger, and they run back to their car to escape. The anonymous hero even manages to pluck one of the stolen items from the trunk before the car speeds off. While the man prefers to remain anonymous, the owner of the store has expressed his gratitude to him and described his actions as “courageous.”

English version by Melissa Kitson.


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