Video: The moment suspected killer of missing child Gabriel was detained

“It wasn’t me!” Ana Julia Quezada is heard to shout, after Civil Guard officers found body of eight-year-old in trunk of car she was driving

A witness captures the moment Ana Julia was arrested, with the body of missing Gabriel Cruz in the trunk of her car.Photo: atlas | Video: Atlas

At around midday on Sunday the Civil Guard arrested Ana Julia Quezada, the girlfriend of the father of missing eight-year-old boy Gabriel Cruz, who disappeared from his home town in Níjar, Almería on February 27. The 43-year-old woman was found to have the body of the young boy in the trunk of her car, according to Spain’s interior Ministry.

The woman was stopped by the authorities in La Puebla de Vícar, which is 43 kilometers from the location of Gabriel’s disappearance.

In a video recorded by a witness of the arrest, Quezada, who is being handcuffed on the hood of her vehicle, is heard to shout “It wasn’t me! I collected the car this morning.” She is told to shut up by one of the arresting officers.

According to sources from the investigation, the woman had removed the boy’s body from a well earlier in the day for fear that it was about to be located.

Ana Julia Quezada knows the area where the youngster disappeared well, given that she worked for a long time at a bar in nearby area Las Negras. The only trace of the boy that had been located before his body was found on Sunday was a shirt. It was Ana Julia Quezada herself who claimed to have found the clothing, four days after the child had gone missing.

From that moment on the investigators turned their focus on Quezada, given that there were already inconsistencies in her story, including the apparent loss of her cellphone.


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