Sanfermines 2017: live coverage of the running of the bulls from EL PAÍS

Coverage in 360º of all the thrills, spills, and fun in Pamplona

Once again, it’s time for Spain’s most famous fiesta, and as ever, the week-long event begins in Pamplona at noon on July 6 with the Chupinazo, when a local dignitary lights the fuse of a rocket and sends it sky high. EL PAÍS will be providing live 360º coverage, in collaboration with Opabinia Films and Pamplona City Hall.

The encierros, or bull runs, that take place at 8am between July 7 and July 14, will be broadcast live each day, when participants say a prayer to San Fermín: “We ask you, for being our patron, to guide us in the run, giving us your blessing.”

When the bull run is over, EL PAÍS will provide expert commentary. Bullfighting critic Antonio Lorca will also be on hand to offer his opinion on the bulls that will be fought later that afternoon.

EL PAÍS will also be providing photo galleries with the best images of the encierros, along with a wide variety of content to make the most of Pamplona during Sanfermines 2017.

English version by Nick Lyne.


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