EL PAÍS launches augmented reality service through Facebook

Users will be able to receive alerts about the French elections via their smartphones

From today onward, augmented reality will form part of the news services on offer from EL PAÍS, thanks to a complete integration between the printed paper and mobile technology. On the day of the decisive French elections, this Sunday, readers can subscribe to receive the latest news and the results immediately, needing nothing more than their cellphone and access to Facebook. The reader will then get updates from all of the news stories and opinion columns published in the pages of EL PAÍS.

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world, with 1.2 billion users. At its recent developers conference, at the end of April, it set augmented reality as one of its top priorities for its next technological innovations. This consists of the use of smartphone cameras to add information to what it is viewing. This could be filters for images, such as those that the social network Snapchat has made famous, or geolocalized information about businesses or services, such as that offered by applications such as Yelp. “We’re making the camera the first augmented reality platform,” said the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, at the company’s F8 conference. “This is the start of a new platform.”

How to sign up to the service

To take advantage of the augmented reality service from EL PAÍS, you just need the Facebook Messenger application installed on your mobile device, whether it uses the iOS, Windows Phone or Android operating system.

When you open it, tap on the “People” tab and then “Scan code.” When the camera opens, focus it on the code you will find above this text, which will then sign you up automatically.

From that moment onward, the user will receive via Messenger, and for no cost, the news that EL PAÍS is publishing about the French elections, with the count and the result in real time. To cancel the service just select cancel via any of the messages you receive.

These developments also allow for users to subscribe to information services. In the future, internet platforms hope to regularly incorporate the use of glasses that can superimpose augmented reality on the vision of the user, something that Google has already experimented with.

In the case of the EL PAÍS augmented reality service, all that is needed is to have the Facebook Messenger app installed on an Android or Apple device and scan the code that accompanies this page. The EL PAÍS news robot in Facebook will subscribe you and will send you breaking news alerts, keeping you up to date with the vote count and the result of the elections as soon as they are known. For now the service is just available

Soon, EL PAÍS will incorporate the augmented reality service in all of its sections and to all of its journalists. As such, reading the news in the print edition will be complemented with breaking news in real time via your smartphone. The consumption of news via mobile has increased sharply in recent years to the point that it is now the main way that readers access information from this newspaper.

EL PAÍS is the leading newspaper both at the newsstand and on the internet, where it leads the digital press in Spain and the Spanish-speaking world. Among the innovations that are offered are a news robot in Facebook and another in Twitter, which interact with and inform the reader according to their interests.

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