Tesla scopes Spanish market with job offers

Pioneering electric carmaker owned by Elon Musk still wary of Spain’s regulatory framework

A Tesla Model X at the Paris Motor Show.
A Tesla Model X at the Paris Motor Show.Vincent Isore/IP3 (Getty Images)

Pioneering electric car maker Tesla is looking to establish a presence in Spain, with jobs advertised on the US company’s UK website pointing to the opening of maintenance centers at some point in the future in Madrid and Barcelona. It is also looking for specialists in Lisbon.

The company wants personnel able to install superchargers throughout Spain’s two main cities: power points where Tesla owners would be able to recharge the batteries of their vehicles quickly and efficiently. Tesla is also looking for sales advisors, marketing staff and product specialists able to demonstrate and explain vehicles to potential customers.

So far more than 400,000 people worldwide have ordered the Tesla Model 3

Founded by Elon Musk, Tesla has so far focused on Scandinavia, letting it be known that it still has problems with Spain’s regulatory framework regarding setting up recharging points.

In contrast, California, the US state doing the most to promote renewable energy and to protect the environment, sends households information with their electricity bill on the benefits of using an electric car, as well as about how to install individual recharging points for an electric vehicle.

Tesla’s European division says that the job offers for Spain do not mean that the company is about to set up shop there. But industry observers say that before entering Mexico it took similar steps.

Tesla has made it known that it has problems with Spain’s regulatory framework regarding recharging points

One of the biggest obstacles to establishing a presence in a new market for Tesla is its sales model. Like Apple, which sells almost exclusively through its own outlets, Tesla does not use auto dealerships, but has its own network of showrooms where potential buyers can try out its vehicles. Prices are the same whether cars are bought in store or via the internet, the latter an increasingly popular approach for customers.

In May, the company announced the launch of the Tesla 3, a mid-range sedan selling from $35,000 and able to travel up to 400 kilometers on a single charge,

For the moment, Tesla has just two vehicles; the Model S and the Model X. The more modestly priced Model 3 is due to go on sale in the United Kingdom next year. Buyers pay a deposit and will then have to wait between 18 months and two years for delivery. So far more than 400,000 people worldwide have pre-ordered the Tesla Model 3, a figure unheard of in the auto industry.

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