Editor of satirical magazine punched in face by hooded assailant

Assault took place a day after an edition ridiculing the rise of neo-Nazis in Europe hit the streets

The latest front cover from ’El Jueves.’
The latest front cover from ’El Jueves.’El Jueves

The editor of Spanish satirical magazine El Jueves, Mayte Quílez, was assaulted on the doorstep of her house in Barcelona on Wednesday, after returning from a jog, the local publication El Nacional reported.

The assailant was wearing a hood, and without saying a word to the journalist, punched her in the face before fleeing the scene. Quílez sustained minor injuries.

The assault came a day after the latest edition of the magazine hit the streets. The front page carries a cartoon criticizing the rise of the far right in Europe. Under the headline “Plague of Neo-Nazis,” the image depicts a demonstration held by dozens of far-right protestors wearing military garb. A woman and her son are watching the protest, and the youngster asks: “Why are they bald Mom, do they have cancer?” The mother responds: “I wish…”

“This week’s front cover! If you are a Nazi and you are offended, we don’t give a shit. Remember Stalingrad.”

In 2014, the magazine waded into controversy when it pulled a front cover image satirizing the abdication of former King Juan Carlos. The incident prompted the resignation of the main artists from the weekly publication. On another occasion, the High Court ordered the magazine to be pulled off the shelves after it featured a cartoon on its front cover of King Felipe VI  – at that time still Crown Prince – and his wife Letizia maintaining sexual intercourse. During Spain’s Transition to democracy, a number of issues were censured for offending the Church or the state.

“Thanks to all of you for your interest. I am from Aragón and can’t be kept down by a moron.” – Victim of the assault Mayte Quílez.

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