Justin Bieber walks out of live interview on Spanish radio

The singer was visiting Los 40 Principales studios in Madrid He left to go to the bathroom – and never returned

Justin Bieber during a promotional event.
Justin Bieber during a promotional event.CG IMAGES

“And now, with us… Justin Bieber,” said Dani Mateo at 7.22pm on Wednesday evening. “Hello!” he answered. It was all set. Everything was ready for his interview at Los 40 Principales. The program Yu no te pierdas nada (You don’t miss a thing) introduced Bieber as “the most important artist of the moment.” Gran Vía, which is one of the main avenues of downtown Madrid, was packed with his fans, the so called beliebers.

The video of the interview. Justin Bieber walks out at around the 8 minute mark.

Suddenly, when the live interview had just started, the singer of What do you mean? and Sorry asked whether he could go to the bathroom and left the studio to never come back. Just like that. At least, that was the version the show gave to EL PAÍS.

-Why did he leave the show?

-They told us he was overwhelmed because there were too many people in the studio. So, he asked to go to the bathroom and left.

-With no further explanation?

“Here's @justinbieber arriving at @Los40_Spain! Tomorrow the interview with @djdanimoreno! #JustineBieberEnLos40”

-No. His crew told us that he felt uneasy today, plus he was 40 minutes late for the interview. Once inside, we asked him to present his song like a DJ, and he did it very well! Later, because there were too many cellphones recording, we think he felt more stressed out and he decided to go away.

At the same time, the singer was trending on Twitter with the hashtag #JustinBieberEnlos40. “I think it’s crazy what Justin has done,” said @albiStradford. “I would have left too if everyone started speaking a language I don’t know and was laughing,” said @Uxbizzle. “Justin is not the kind of guy who leaves a place just on a whim, generally when he does so it is because something upsets him,” ventured @ohmfxbieber.

“We don’t know where Justin Bieber is but @Rubiu5 is here and we love him at @vodafoneyu!!”


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