Cristiano Ronaldo goes undercover in Madrid to promote new tech brand

Real player kicks a soccer ball with passers-by in Callao square in hidden-camera video

A still from the video featuring Cristiano Ronaldo.
A still from the video featuring Cristiano Ronaldo.

Following in the footsteps of big-name sports stars such as the NBA’s Kyrie Irving, global soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo recently went undercover before showing off his skills to an unsuspecting public. The Portuguese player stuck on a wig, fake beard and even a beer-belly, before taking to the streets of central Madrid to play keepie-up with passers-by.

People are going to think that I’m crazy!#LIVELIFELOUDClick here to check out my new brand at Posted by Cristiano Ronaldo on Monday August 3, 2015

The full video of the prank, which was staged to promote Ronaldo’s new Roc by Monster line of audio and technology products, has just been published via the Real Madrid player’s official Facebook feed.

The sporting headphones and speakers, among other products, are available for purchase exclusively on eBay, at prices ranging from €220 to €360.


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