2016 elections

Popular Party regaining momentum after May election disaster

New opinion poll reveals waning support for new anti-austerity group Podemos

Latin America

Three suspects in Mexican journalist’s murder caught on surveillance video

Officials have not ruled out any motive for the killings of Rubén Espinosa and four women

rock of contention

Gibraltar pledges to review ecological codes after EC opens inquiry

Spain has incurred in more violations of European directive, UK territory claims


The idiot

All Hillary Clinton has to do in the face of Donald Trump is smile and think, keep this up – you’re going to make me president...

Cristiano Ronaldo goes undercover in Madrid to promote new tech brand

Real player kicks a soccer ball with passers-by in Callao square in hidden-camera video


Spanish hotel rooms with a sea view

Places to stay where the surf practically laps at the foot of your bed


The Syrian resident of Spain who died trying to mediate with Islamic State

Mohamed Bahaiah had been known to the Spanish security services for decades He was killed in a suicide attack carried out by ISIS fighters in the Syrian city of Aleppo