How many bananas do Spaniards eat each year? And other random facts...

Statistics Institute’s family budget survey reveals curious insights into consumer habits

The INE survey yielded curious information about consumer habits.
The INE survey yielded curious information about consumer habits.Cordon Press

How many bananas does a Spaniard eat each year? It may sound like a Trivial Pursuit question, but it is one of the facts included in the 2014 family budget survey, which was released on Wednesday by the National Statistics Institute (INE). The report analyzes 255 goods and services consumed by Spanish residents. (The answer, by the way, is 9.8 bananas a year on average.)

Less smoking. The survey offers detailed information about Spanish consumer habits. For instance, every Spaniard smoked an average 29.8 cigarettes last year, almost three fewer than in 2013.

More drinking. The poll also shows that each Spaniard drank an average 21.3 liters of beer in 2014, compared with 20.6 liters the year before. Consumption of spirits and other liquors also rose.

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More meat than fish. The statistics bureau found that Spaniards eat more than twice as much meat as fish on average. Last year, per capita meat consumption was 52.2 kilograms, compared with 21.2 kilos of fish. Bread consumption fell slightly last year, 300 grams less per person.

More movies, fewer newspapers. The INE study shows that Spaniards spent an average €27.75 on going to the movies, the theater and other performances in 2014, a 9.5% rise on the year before. But they only spent €16.77 on newspapers, a 16% drop.

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