EL PAÍS launches digital edition published in Catalan language

Elpais.cat will offer the main news of the day and original content

The EL PAÍS newsroom in Barcelona.
The EL PAÍS newsroom in Barcelona.joan sánchez

EL PAÍS will today launch a digital edition in Catalan, elpais.cat, which will offer the major news stories of the day as well as original content. The Catalan language has been present in the newspaper since 1982, when EL PAÍS began its printed version for the northeastern region. Since that date, the Quadern supplement has offered readers articles in Catalan, first in print and later on the elpais.com website.

The principles behind this step are the same that justified the birth of the Catalan edition of EL PAÍS – an industrial and journalistic commitment by the publication with Catalonia, and its capital, Barcelona. As was stated in an editorial published at the time, this important step was taken “with the humble aim of increasing the opinions that support us and making the range of Catalan press and media more plural and richer.” The fundamental vocation of the Catalan digital edition is to find a place in the social, economic, cultural and political life of the region.

EL PAÍS has brought together a team of journalists to work on the project, many of whom have been hired expressly for this task. They will also use a computer program that will automatically translate content – the same program used by the Brazilian digital edition of the paper for translations into Portuguese. Given that such automatic systems are imperfect, a group of correctors and proofreaders will supervise texts before they are published.

Elpais.cat will put much of its focus on Barcelona, but with a global vision, and will also strengthen its opinion pieces and cultural content. Its future development will include greater attention to sporting activities with roots in Catalonia. The front page will reflect the main news focus of the day, and will be a showcase for what’s on offer on elpais.cat.

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Recomendaciones EL PAÍS