Spaniards still downbeat about economy despite recovery

Unemployment remains main problem, followed by corruption

Despite the nascent recovery in the economy after the longest recession since the return to democracy, most Spaniards still feel pessimistic about the future.

According to the latest survey by the Center for Sociological Studies (CIS) carried out over the period February 1-11, 42 percent of the 2,500 people polled said they believe the economic situation in Spain will be the same as it is now next year, while 28.6 percent believe it will be worse. Almost 87 percent agreed that the current situation is bad or very bad.

The domestic economy pulled out of recession in the third quarter of last year but the pace of the recovery has been slow. The government expects GDP will grow by around 1 percent this year.

With the jobless rate still at "alarming levels" of 26 percent in the words of the European Commission, unemployment remains the main problem for 81.1 percent of those surveyed. However, jobless claims recently fell for the first time on a monthly basis since 2007, before the current crisis broke.

Respondents were equally downbeat about the political situation, with 82.2 percent describing it as bad or very bad.

After unemployment, the main concern of 44.2 percent of Spaniards is corruption.

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