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The list of sealed weaponry

Among the arms listed by the commission are a rifle, a pistol and two revolvers

ETA has sealed a total of 16.4 kilos of explosives, four small arms, 300 rounds of ammunition and a hand grenade, as well as timers and detonation cord.

That's according to a statement made on Friday by the Internation Verification Commission, a body chosen unilaterally by ETA to act as a mediator.

The IVC produced a list of the items from its arsenal that have been taken out of use, after the decision was made by ETA to abandon its campaign of violence.

The explosives included 4.5 kilos of PET, eight kilos of sodium chlorite, and 10 grams of mannitol hexanitrate. Among the weapons sealed was a rifle, a pistol and two revolvers.

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