Policemen jailed for stealing €2.7m from ex-minister

Bodyguards for Matutes “betrayed all principles of trust,” says retired Popular Party politician

Two policemen who worked as bodyguards for ex-foreign minister Abel Matutes were remanded in custody on Sunday to prevent them from escaping and avoiding trial over the theft of 2.7 million euros from Matutes' safe.

Both men were hired by Matutes to work for his business after he left the Popular Party government of José María Aznar in 2000. They have since confessed to forcing open the safe from the ex-minister's hotel business headquarters.

"They took it in an act of violence, betraying all the principles of trust," said Matutes in Ibiza on Saturday.

At first, the company only reported a theft of less than 200,000 euros, but then admitted that the amount was greater. So far, 1.7 million euros has been returned or found.

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