Five Tunisians arrested in Barcelona for spreading jihadi propaganda

Videos posted on social networks included instructions on making bombs, police say

In early-morning raids, police in Barcelona on Wednesday arrested five Tunisian nationals on charges of allegedly propagating jihadi terrorist messages on the internet’s social networks.

The five suspects, who were detained in different parts of the city, have been specifically charged with glorifying terrorism and were scheduled to be taken before the High Court as late as Thursday.

According to an Interior Ministry statement, the five posted more than 400 images, videos and messages, including speeches by the late Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al Qaeda’s present leader.

Speaking to reporters in Congress, Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz described the raid as an operation designed “to neutralize” so-called lone-wolf terrorists, Efe news agency reported.

Among the videos posted were instructions on how to fabricate bombs and other weapons, training exercises of mujahideen fighters and summary executions of enemies, the ministry statement said.

One of the suspects was planning to travel to Tunis this month, police said.

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