New evidence involving king's daughter given to Nóos judge

Urdangarin allegedly wrote to his wife in email dated February 20, 2003

Palma de Mallorca / Barcelona -

The former business partner of embattled royal-son-in-law Iñaki Urdangarin on Tuesday turned over to an investigative judge a new batch of private emails as part of his legal strategy to convince the court that Princess Cristina was aware of her husband's secret business dealings.

Diego Torres, who was a partner at the non-profit Nóos Institute and is one of the targets of a public fraud inquiry, has been releasing the emails piecemeal since early last year. So far, Judge José Castro of the Balearic Islands court has said there is no evidence to implicate King Juan Carlos's daughter in the ongoing inquiry against her husband. Anticorruption prosecutors have also sided with the judge's opinion.

In one email provided by Torres and dated February 20, 2003 Urdangarin allegedly writes to his wife: "I am taking advantage of the fact that you are online to send you this Nóos letter that I intend to send out. There are two versions for contributors, clients and friends. Read it and let me know what you think, please... ciao."

One day after he sent Cristina the email, Urdangarin purportedly sent out another one addressed to a long list of people, including Queen Sofía, the king and Carlos García Revenga, who is the private secretary to both Princess Cristina and her sister Princess Elena. In the email, he also reportedly asked for their advice on the letter he was planning to send out on behalf of Nóos.

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