Frontman admits to handling Bárcenas’ Swiss accounts

Former PP treasurer’s friend Iván Yáñez took advantage of tax amnesty to declare hidden assets worth 1.3 million euros

Ex-Popular Party treasurer Luis Bárcenas engaged his friend Iván Yáñez in 2009 to control his secret bank accounts in Switzerland when he felt “hounded” by Spanish justice in the Gürtel corruption case, the frontman told the High Court Friday.

Yáñez, who was introduced to Bárcenas by his father, also told Judge Pablo Ruz that he took advantage of the government’s tax amnesty to declare 1.32 million euros he had abroad by paying the 10-percent penalty under the program. He said Bárcenas lent him the 132,000 euros he handed over to Treasury.

Bárcenas, who has said he held up to 38 million euros in Swiss accounts, is under investigation for money laundering and tax fraud in the Gürtel kickbacks for contracts inquiry. Ruz has also opened a side investigation into funds allegedly paid to top PP officials from a slush fund and recorded in Bárcenas’ ledgers.

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