Gibraltar chief derides "fascist" Spain’s protected waters zone

Fabian Picardo goads the Spanish government to dare to clamp down on practice of “bunkering”

Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo attacked the Spanish government on Monday over plans to create a special conservation area around the colony's disputed waters and end refueling at sea (bunkering). Picardo challenged Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to act accordingly.

"Let them try," he said, "because there are bunkering stations throughout the bay and that will be a serious international confrontation." Spain said it is planning to create a special conservation area of about 26,600 hectares around Gibraltar that will include waters in dispute between both governments.

"However much they say they will tighten the screws on Gibraltar, we have to say that this has been tried already. That is the policy of the past, the failed and sterile attempts by Franco's fascist government," Picardo said.


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