Bogus dwarf shaman snared on sex charges

Arrested suspect thought to have used a drug to sedate women tourists

Police are appealing for potential victims to come forward after a woman reported being sexually abused by a dwarf posing as a shaman in Madrid.

According to the police report, José Israel G. R.'s modus operandi was to approach women in the center of the capital and strike up a conversation. The young woman who filed the complaint said she was handed a newspaper by G. R. and after leafing through a few pages began to feel a loss of perception. She then gave G. R. her address. On arrival, she remembers sharing a drink with G. R. but nothing else.

Police suspect that G. R. used scopolamine, a Jimson weed derivative with hallucinogenic properties, to sedate his victims. It is believed he had been operating since 2007 and that some of his victims may have been tourists. G. R. had been identified on Internet forums as "dangerous" and his profile on a dwarf stripping website was removed hours after his arrest.

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