Two minors held over Algeciras businessman's murder

New arrests in case after four were detained driving away from victim's house in stolen cars

Police have arrested two other suspects in connection with the murder of a 66-year-old businessman in Algeciras, Cádiz province, who was found dead in his home at the weekend.

Agustin Vecín, who owned several clothing stores, was bound and gagged in his bed by a group of people who also ransacked his home. Police sources said Monday that two juveniles - a Spaniard and a Moroccan - had also been arrested in the case. On Sunday, authorities detained three men and a woman from Bolivia and North Africa after they were seen driving away in two automobiles owned by the businessman.

A preliminary autopsy report showed that Vecín died from asphyxiation. Police are trying to determine if the victim had been in contact by cellphone with his aggressors prior to his murder.

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