High Court judge makes an ocular inspection where a Spanish TV cameraman was killed

Court is trying to determine whether US servicemen are responsible for journalist's death

Almost eight years after Spanish television cameraman José Couso was killed in Baghdad by a US tank shell, High Court Judge Santiago Pedraz has traveled to the Iraqi capital to investigate the events of April 8, 2003.

Pedraz will Friday pay a visit to the Hotel Palestine, where Couso, a Telecinco cameraman covering the US-led invasion of Iraq, was killed along with a Reuters cameraman from Ukraine, Taras Protsyuk. Elements of the US Army 3rd Infantry Division opened fire on the Hotel Palestine on seeing Couso, with his camera shouldered, on a balcony.

Three soldiers — Sgt. Thomas Gibson, Capt. Philip Wolford and Col. Philip de Camp — have been charged with killing Couso by the Spanish High Court. WikiLeaks cables published by EL PAÍS revealed the US had actively tried to have the case quietly dismissed.

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