Sanfermines sexual assault

La Manada sex offender to be sent to prison for violent robbery

A court has ordered Ángel Boza, who is convicted of sexually abusing an 18-year-old with four other men, to go to jail for injuring two security guards

Sanfermines sexual assault

La Manada sex offender arrested for shoplifting and assault

Ángel Boza ran over two security guards after he was caught trying to steal a pair of sunglasses

Romans in Spain

Spain’s raiders of the lost arch

The discovery in the Jaén countryside of the starting point of the 1,500-kilometer-long main Roman road in Andalusia is being described as “one of the most important in the last few decades”


How Spain’s coal merchants are keeping the flame alive

The country’s remaining yards still survive thanks to the elderly, foodies, and hipsters


The blind beetles and child slaves of Cadiz’s ancient underworld

Deep below the city is a history lesson dating back more than five millenia, complete with Roman waterways, tombs and labyrinths


Church backtracks and will allow transsexual to be godfather to nephew

Recent decision made by Catholic officials in Cádiz had caused public outrage “For me, this is the perfect decision,” said Alexander Salinas, from San Fernando


Man arrested for using cellphone app to track girlfriend’s every move

The 20-year-old gave her device as a gift and used it to spy on calls, messages and more


The silent history of Spanish illiteracy

More than 730,000 people in Spain can’t read or write, most of them older women, migrants or Roma


Auditions begin in Seville for Spanish ‘Game of Thrones’ shoot

Around 4,500 people turn out for a chance to appear as an extra in the hit HBO TV show


‘Game of Thrones’ to film part of fifth season in Seville

Producer HBO confirms it will be shooting in a number of locations in the Andalusian province


Argentinean Franco crimes judge: “You see people’s fear of testifying”

María Servini is in Spain to gather testimonies of offenses committed under the dictatorship “If I didn’t believe in universal justice, I wouldn’t be here,” she says


No way out for Almería’s prostitutes

Hundreds of women are working in virtual slavery in brothels throughout the province Trapped by their debts to traffickers, they have seen their conditions worsen with the crisis

Unemployed couple in Seville die after reported food-poisoning case

Husband and wife had been trying to make ends meet by collecting cardboard and recycling paper