IMF forecasts 8% economic contraction in Spain due to coronavirus crisis

The unemployment rate could soar to nearly 21%, according to the organization's 'World Economic Outlook' report of April 2020


Spain’s public employment services swamped by millions of coronavirus-related jobless claims

Agencies have increased staff to process filings tied to temporary layoff schemes in a bid to start paying benefits by early May


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 14, 2020


Spanish Health Ministry warns that the coronavirus could be spreading in homes

In around 130,000 of confirmed Covid-19 infections the source of contagion is unknown, raising alarm that the virus is being transmitted by mild cases in self-isolation


Daily coronavirus deaths in Spain rise once more, to 567

New infections came in on Tuesday at 3,045, a rise of 1.8% on yesterday’s total and the lowest rate seen since the crisis began.


How Spain’s coronavirus lockdown is affecting children

Youngsters are suffering from anxiety, stress and weight problems, experts warn, with no clear date in sight for relaxation of the confinement