Should Piqué leave the Spain squad?

Barça player, who supported referendum, is booed on Monday at national side training outside Madrid

catalan bid for independence

Ballot boxes: Catalonia’s best-kept secret

Thousands of people in region coordinated activities to ensure equipment got to polling stations

catalan bid for independence

Did the referendum comply with basic voting regulations?

A compilation of the latest changes announced by the Catalan regional government


Spain’s parties struggle to find a common stance against Catalonia challenge

Parliamentary groups have different views on how to deal with a unilateral declaration of independence

Referendum in Catalonia

Tens of thousands take to streets during general strike in Catalonia

Minimum services in the region after unions call stoppages in response to actions by Spanish National Police and Civil Guard on Sunday


Using Europe in vain

Brussels is resisting attempts by secessionists in Catalonia to have it intervene on the issue of independence



Ros cartoon, October 3, 2017


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, October 3, 2017

Natural Disasters

Lima’s alarming 1.2-meter wide building

Located in quake-prone Ring of Fire, authorities have asked for seven-story anomaly to be demolished